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THIS HIGHLY INTELLIGENT DOG HAS AN inborn instinct to work, and responds readily and eagerly to training. He was originally used for working sheep in the hills and mountains, mainly in the border counties of England, Scotland and Wales, but his prowess as a working sheepdog has now spread country-wide throughout Britain and even farther afield.

It was only in the latter quarter of the twentieth century that the Border Collie assumed an important role in the show rings of Britain.

He is graceful, but with sufficient substance to withstand the elements. A silent worker, he responds to any signal, audible or visual. His disposition is kindly as he is loyal and faithful by nature. Capable of thinking for himself, he is often used in mountain rescue work, makes an excellent tracker, and is also used as a sniffer dog.

He needs a lot of exercise, thrives on company, and will participate in any activity. He is dedicated to serving man, but is the type of dog who needs to work to be happy and is not content to sit at home by the hearth all day. Before becoming a champion he must have a work qualification.

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Border Collie

by Gail Tointon

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Border Collies

by Vic Granger

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