Dalmatian Prints

THE DALMATIAN HAS A VERY distinctive appearance, being either black spotted, or liver spotted, the spots standing out well on the pure white background colour of his coat. As a puppy he is born pure white, making it impossible to know whether his spots will be black or liver.

The breed was very popular in Britain during the Regency period, and was known as the ‘carriage dog’, as he was used to run under or beside all types of carriages, from those of the gentry to the mail coach. The Dalmatian also used to run ahead of the horse-drawn fire engines of London, earning himself the name ‘Firehouse Dog’. When running with carriages or coaches he was termed ‘Marathon Runner’ and is a breed of incredible endurance, travelling over long distances at a moderate speed. An excellent companion and house-dog, he has a sporting side to his nature, with a good nose and a soft mouth. An active, agile dog, strong and muscular, who enjoys plenty of exercise, he is more suited to country life than the town.

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Best Mates - Dalmatian and Carriage Horse

by Jacqueline Stanhope

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Dalmatians with Horse and Carriage

by Vic Granger

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