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A TYPICAL SHORT-LEGGED TERRIER WITH a sound, compact body, the Norfolk has been used not only on fox and badger, but on rats as well. He has a delightful disposition, is totally fearless but is not one to start a fight.

As a worker he does not give up in the face of a fierce adversary underground, and his standard’s reference to the acceptability of ‘honourable scars from fair wear and tear’ is a good indication of the type of dog the breeders require.

Of recent years, the docking of part of his tail has become optional, but even in its unshortened state it should be thick at the root and should taper towards the tip.

The Norfolk Terrier’s ears should drop forward at the tip, whereas those of his older cousin, the Norwich Terrier, should stand erect when the dog is at attention.

The Norfolk and the Norwich take their names, obviously, from the county and the city, though turning the clock back to the early and mid-1800s there was no such dis¬tinction, this being just a general farm dog. Glen of Imaals, red Cairn Terriers and Dandie Dinmonts are among the breeds behind these East Anglian terriers and from the resultant red progeny emerged the present Norfolk and Norwich.

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Norfolk Terrier

by Gail Tointon

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