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The are three sizes of Poodle - Toy, Miniature and Standard – all in a wide range of beautiful solid colours. The Poodle’s coat does not shed, but regular grooming is essential. For the fashion-conscious, there are many different styles in which he can be clipped. A dandy at heart, he will always show his appreciation when his toilette has been completed.
The Poodle is a clown by nature, who gives amusement and devotion to his owners. Because he is capable of learning quickly, and enjoys showing off, the French circus utilised his abilities, and he became a popular entertainer. Today, these characteristics stand him in good stead in the show ring.
All three varieties of Poodle have their country of origin listed as France but Germany is believed to have been their actual home, the breed entering France with German soldiers. It came from the marshes of Germany, where it was well established as a water retriever. The French certainly know the Poodle as a duck dog and used the smaller Poodles to sniff out truffles. He is extremely versatile and excels in obedience – indeed, there seems to be no end to his talents. Interest in the breed was heightened by the courts of Europe, where Poodles became very popular as pet dogs, especially the two smaller varieties. Early show Poodles were exhibited with a corded coat.
Light-hearted, elegant, friendly and high-spirited, with a happy nature and sporting and home-loving instincts, the Poodle makes the ideal companion.

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