Rottweiler Prints

THESE DOGS STEM FROM ANIMALS TAKEN to Germany by Roman soldiers as they marched across Europe, and were used to guard livestock. These mastiff-type dogs were discarded as the cattle were eaten or were left to guard outposts and many finished up in Switzerland while others reached southern Germany. They were especially known around the town of Rottweil which for 1,800 years was a centre for livestock trading. The evolving dog became a butcher’s dog, drover and draught dog.

The Rottweiler, which first appeared in Britain in 1936 and was shown at Crufts in 1937, is an above average-sized, very agile, black and tan dog. Extremely strong and imposing, he is easily obedience-trained and is, in fact, a dog that enjoys working. He has natural guarding instincts, but is not vicious by nature. His expression is tranquil and kind, but when aroused he will hold his own with any opponent. He is not a dog for the inexperienced and has been much maligned in recent years, when the breed became over-popular, and Rottweilers were often purchased to feed a macho image.

He is a very active dog who needs plenty of exercise and his smooth coat only requires short periods of regular grooming to keep it in the desired shining condition.

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by Vic Granger

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