Scottish Terrier Prints

A POPULAR SHORT-LEGGED DOG FROM the Highlands, sturdy and low-slung. More often thought of as black, he can have a striking wheaten or brindle-coloured coat. His public image is often that of a dour Scot, but to his family and friends he is affectionate and cheerful. Happy to curl up in a favourite armchair, he will soon rouse himself at the slightest sound, when his dark eyes will glint with protectiveness as he prepares to guard his house and home.

The Scottish Terrier Club was formed in 1882, a year after the first standard for the breed was drawn up, and just three years after the start of the breed as we know it today by Capt Gordon Murray. He was strongly supported by the founder and first chairman of the Kennel Club, Mr Sewallis Evelyn Shirley.

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Scottish Terrier Pups - Scotties

by Leon Danchin

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