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ANOTHER OF THE MULTI-PURPOSE Hunt, Point and Retrieve dogs from the Continent. Striking in his grey coloration and his light eyes, the Weimaraner has increased in popularity with the shooting fraternity. At the same time, he has moved into the companion animal realm where he finds a lot of friends. In his early days in Britain there were occasions where his temperament was somewhat stand-offish, but this is showing a definite improvement nowadays.

The Weimaraner is a tall, rangy dog somewhat larger than the other members of his group. The colours of his eyes, from shades of amber into blue-grey, are very different from the great majority of breeds, but they tone in with the very unusual grey of the short sleek coat. Grooming, as with most smooth coated dogs, is relatively simple. There is a longer coated variety with hair length up to 5 centimetres (2 inches), but this type has not become popular.

The powerful stride of a Weimaraner, like that in many thoroughbreds, gives those who recognise it a great deal of pleasure. The breed takes its name from the German court of Weimar, where it found much favour, and there is a Van Dyck painting of a dog of the Weimaraner type dated in the early 1600s though the depicted dog is more hound-like in appearance.

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The Naughty Step - Weimaraner Print

by Denise Finney

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Weim and Dine - Weimaraners

by Paul Doyle

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Weimaraner Montage, Weimaraner Prints

by John Trickett

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