Yellow Labrador Prints

THE LABRADOR IS ONE OF THE BEST ALL round dogs in the world. Not only used for retrieving game, he has also made his mark in the world of guide dogs, and as a ‘sniffer’ dog for drug and arms detection. It is popularly thought that he originated on the coast of Greenland where fishermen were seen to use a dog of similar appearance to retrieve fish.

An excellent water dog, his weather resistant coat and unique tail, likened to that of an otter because of its shape, emphasise this trait. A real gentleman, he adores children, has a kind and loving nature, and a confident air. The big city is not really his scene; a bit of a country squire at heart, he comes into his own in rural surroundings.

Comparatively speaking, the Labrador is not a very old breed, its breed club having been formed in 1916 and the Yellow Labrador Club having been founded in 1925. It was in field trialling that the Labrador found early fame, having been originally introduced to these shores in the late 1800s by Col Peter Hawker and the Earl of Malmesbury. It was a dog called Malmesbury Tramp which was described by Loma, Countess Howe as one of the ‘tap roots’ of the modern Labrador.

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Monty, Yellow Labrador Print

by Steven Townsend

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Reflection, Retriever Puppy

by Diane Rosher

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Yellow Labrador Retriever

by Gail Tointon

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Up Stream - Yellow Labradors

by Judi Kent Pyrah

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Chateau Labrador, Labrador Print

by Paul Doyle

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Black and Yellow Labradors

by Vic Granger

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