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A NATIVE BREED, THE WIRE FOX TERRIER is a classy dog, and really looks his best when nicely trimmed. He is a long-lived breed with an expected life span of well over ten years. Alert, very active, somewhat vociferous, he is a bold dog, originally known as the Rough-haired Terrier, when he was used for sporting pursuits.

It is probable that the rough coat was developed before that of the Smooth Fox Terrier but, strangely, the appearance of the Wire Fox Terrier in the showring was some twenty years later than that of the Smooth. A strain of rough coat terriers was kept for fifty-five years by the Revd Jack Russell, who gave his name to another terrier breed.

Cheerful and happy, he makes an excellent children’s playmate and family pet. A great show dog, enjoying popularity and success in this field throughout the world.

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Wire Fox Terrier and Pups

by Leon Danchin

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